The Most Controversial Book on the topic of the Law of Attraction

Power is domain of Ego and Universe will give it to you, but only if your Ego would ask for it.
You can ask for love, but only your Ego can ask for the power.

The Secret Inside the LoA - © Zoran Rogic

You will get:
1. Ebook “The Secret Inside the Law of Attraction” in PDF format.
2. Free bonus: Audio book in mp3 format. (US English and GB English versions, using text-to-speech software)

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Play sample audio (GB English version, using software female voice):
While I’m still writing and editing this ebook, I decided to offer this ebook as EARLY ACCESS (version 0.9, which is not entirely polished yet), to collect some feedback, to better improve the future updates of the ebook. This ebook is still constantly growing. There are plans to include also some questions and answers in the next releases of the ebook.
As a buyer, you will get also all updates of this ebook which might come in the future at no additional cost ever.

Can you say, that you use your proper side of you to achieve your goals?
Does your Ego works for you or against you?

The Secret Inside the LoA - Logomark © Zoran Rogic
The Secret Inside the LoA – Logomark © Zoran Rogic

There are two sides of us and not every wish comes from the same source in us.
Some wishes come from our God-part and some wishes come from our Ego.
And what we still have to admit is that not all of our wishes come from our God-part, although we would like to be perceived as they do.

While God-part in you likes to dream, and imagine and feel, remember that your Ego thinks and plans and takes what belongs to you.

Ego will always be only artificial beast, the creature which is our own creation. It’s our soldier, to bring us what we want, who would be judged by others on what it brought to them.

The choice is up to you, not your ego. Ego never makes choices, it always just goes and does and so it gets.

You can bet on this, that if you want to become a leader of a business or a company, that you won’t be able to do that for a long time without having the ability to get and keep some kind of power over the other people. People often like to follow those in the power, admire them and learn from them.

The SECRET Inside the LAW OF ATTRACTIONSo we often think of ourselves as spiritual beings. But what we want to be, is often not aligned with what we really want. We often want money, we want the power, we want to get a control over situations and even over other people, we often want to be the best.

Never, never forget to show unconditional love and support and help others who might not be of such luck as you. Always help to others who need some help. That would not just make you happier, but would also keep balance in your Karma.

While we (as part of God) still call the Universe and ask it for what we want, your Ego would just take from Universe what belongs to you.

What Ego wants the most is recognition, respect, often some kind of power or influence over the other people, total control over situations where it’s involved, and to maintain all that collected respect. This might sound a bit wrong to you, but admit it, it’s exactly what a lot of people want to achieve in their life, also when they want to use the law of attraction.

1. Ebook “The Secret Inside the Law of Attraction” in PDF format.
2. Free bonus: Audio book in mp3 format.

The whole ebook is also converted to the audio book, using “text to speech” software, which gives very nice and expressive reading, using software female voice, in US English and GB English versions.
Each mp3 audio version is over 3 hours long. Highly recommended for stimulative and focused listening during long walks in the nature.